Where's Poppa? | 1970

Directed by: Carl Reiner

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Main Plot

When an attorney meets the girl of his dreams, he fears that his batty mother will scare her off, so he schemes to eliminate the senile old woman.


  • George Segal's character, Gordon Hocheiser, tries to find a way to get rid of his senile and abusive mother.
  • Ruth Gordon plays the character of Mrs. Hocheiser, the overbearing mother of the main protagonist, who is constantly causing chaos.
  • Ron Leibman plays a comedic role as the brother of the protagonist who constantly wears a paper bag on his head.


In the ending of "Where's Poppa?", directed by Carl Reiner, Gordon, the main character, finally manages to get rid of his overbearing and abusive mother, but accidentally kills her in the process. He finds love with his neighbor, Louise, who helps him cover up the crime. The movie concludes with Gordon and Louise happily dancing together, implying that they have moved on from their troubled pasts.

Carl Reiner