What Lies Beneath | 2000

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis

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Main Plot

A woman suspects that her new house is haunted, leading her to uncover a dark secret that threatens her life and sanity. As she investigates further, she becomes entangled in a web of deception and must confront the truth before it's too late.


  • Dr. Norman Spencer, a scientist who becomes entangled in a supernatural mystery involving his wife and a ghost.
  • Claire Spencer, a woman who becomes haunted by a ghostly presence in her home and uncovers a dark secret.
  • Katharine Towne's character is Madison Elizabeth Frank and she plays a supporting role as a college student.


In the ending of "What Lies Beneath," Claire discovers that her husband, Norman, is responsible for the disappearance of a young woman. She confronts him and manages to escape his clutches, but is left injured. With the help of her neighbor, Claire exposes Norman's crimes to the police. In a final confrontation, Claire fights back against Norman, ultimately killing him. The movie concludes with Claire recovering from her ordeal and finding solace in her renewed relationship with her daughter.

Robert Zemeckis