What Happens Later | 2023

Directed by: Meg Ryan

What Happens Later Poster

Main Plot

Willa and Bill are ex-lovers that will see each other for the first time in years when they both find themselves snowed in, in-transit, at an airport overnight.


  • Meg Ryan's character in "What Happens Later" is Sarah, a woman who falls in love with a mysterious stranger.
  • David Duchovny's character in the film "What Happens Later" is named John and he plays the role of a detective.

Ending Explained

In the conclusion of "What Happens Later" directed by Meg Ryan, the main character confronts their fear of commitment and chooses to take a chance on love. They let go of the past, embrace vulnerability, and decide to pursue a meaningful relationship. The film ends on a hopeful note, suggesting that the protagonist has learned to overcome their fears and is ready to embark on a new chapter in their life.

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