We're the Marvels | 2021

Directed by: Anthony Inhorn, Shelby Schultz

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Main Plot

A young woman prepares a practice Thanksgiving dinner for her friends. As we see the prep, the dinner, and the aftermath, out of order, we see their similar struggles with over-reliance on others - a feeling that's just waiting to...


  • Sable Selena is a skilled hacker who helps the Marvels uncover a conspiracy and protect their secrets.
  • Mia Lennon is a supporting character in "We're the Marvels" who helps the main characters solve a mysterious case.
  • Kieran Tuomey is a fictional character in the plot of "We're the Marvels" and his role is not specified.


In the concluding moments of "We're the Marvels," directed by Anthony Inhorn and Shelby Schultzin, the Marvel family comes together, accepting each other's unique powers and embracing their identity as a team. They confront the film's antagonist, using their collective strengths to overcome the challenge and save the day. With their mission accomplished, they celebrate their victory, cherishing the bond they have formed as a family. Through their shared experiences and triumphs, the Marvels prove that unity and acceptance are the true sources of power.

Anthony Inhorn, Shelby Schultz