Way Back Home | 2013

Directed by: Pang Eun-jin

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Main Plot

Jeong Yoon is a caring wife and mother and a sensitive woman who finds herself plunged into a legal ordeal thousands of miles from home. After years of planning, she and her husband Jong Bae open an auto body repair shop, only to ...


  • Jeon Do-yeon's character in Way Back Home is a woman who is wrongfully accused of drug trafficking.
  • Go Soo's character plays a supportive husband who helps his wife navigate the challenges she faces after being wrongfully imprisoned.
  • Claudette LalĂ­ is a minor character in the plot of Way Back Home, providing support and guidance to the protagonist.


In the ending of "Way Back Home," a woman named Jeong-yeon is wrongly convicted of drug smuggling and sentenced to prison in a foreign country. After years of struggling to prove her innocence, she finally gathers evidence and is released. However, her return to Korea is met with mixed emotions as she faces the judgment and skepticism of society. Despite the challenges, she remains determined to rebuild her life and reconnect with her family, finding solace in the love and support of her husband and daughter.

Pang Eun-jin