Wasted On The Young | 2010

Directed by: Ben C. Lucas

Wasted On The Young Poster

Main Plot

A high school party takes a dark turn when a group of popular students exploit and humiliate a fellow classmate. As tensions rise, secrets are revealed, leading to a violent and tragic climax that exposes the dark underbelly of teenage power dynamics.


  • Oliver Ackland plays Zack in "Wasted on the Young," a manipulative high school student who orchestrates a disturbing act of revenge. Oliver Ackland
  • Adelaide Clemens plays Xandrie in "Wasted on the Young," a film about high school bullying and revenge. Adelaide Clemens
  • Alex Russell's character in "Wasted on the Young" is Darren, a popular high school student who becomes involved in a disturbing incident. Alex Russell

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Wasted on the Young," a shocking revelation leads to a violent confrontation between the film's main characters. As secrets are exposed, the consequences of their actions become increasingly dire. The film concludes with a sense of justice served, but also leaves room for reflection on the destructive power of privilege and the consequences of unchecked power dynamics.

Thumbs Down
Ben C. Lucas Oliver Ackland Adelaide Clemens Alex Russell