Vox Lux | 2018

Directed by: Brady Corbet

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Main Plot

"Vox Lux" follows the journey of a young woman named Celeste, who rises to fame after a tragic event. As she becomes a pop superstar, she faces the challenges of stardom while dealing with personal struggles and the impact of her past.


  • Natalie Portman's character in Vox Lux is Celeste Montgomery, a troubled pop star navigating fame and personal demons.
  • Jude Law's character in Vox Lux is named The Manager, and he plays a crucial role in guiding the protagonist's career.
  • Stacy Martin plays Eleanor "Ellie" Montgomery, a journalist who interviews the protagonist, Celeste, and helps tell her story.


In the conclusion of Vox Lux, Celeste performs a concert in her hometown, where she confronts her troubled past and the pain she has carried. She delivers a powerful and emotional performance, connecting with the audience. After the show, she reunites with her daughter, Albertine, and they share a tender moment. The film ends with Celeste reflecting on her journey and the impact her fame has had on her life, leaving the audience with a sense of both catharsis and lingering questions about the price of success.

Brady Corbet