Viva Max | 1969

Directed by: Jerry Paris

Viva Max Poster

Main Plot

Viva Max follows the comedic journey of a Mexican general who leads his troops to invade the Alamo, aiming to reclaim it for Mexico. The film explores the absurdity and misunderstandings that arise as both sides navigate the situation. Directed by Jerry Paris.


  • General Maximilian Rodrigues De Santos, a Mexican general who leads a group of soldiers to invade and reclaim Texas.
  • Pamela Tiffin's character in Viva Max is a young woman who becomes involved with a Mexican general's plan to invade Texas.
  • Jonathan Winters played General Billy Joe Hallson, a military officer who tries to capture the Mexican general in Viva Max.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Viva Max," General Max tries to invade the United States by leading a group of Mexican soldiers across the border into Texas. However, they are met with resistance from the local Texas National Guard. As the conflict escalates, General Max's plans start to crumble, and he eventually surrenders. The film concludes with General Max being taken into custody, highlighting the futility of his mission and the triumph of American forces in defending their homeland.

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