Van Helsing | 2004

Directed by: Stephen Sommers

Van Helsing Poster

Main Plot

Van Helsing is a supernatural action film directed by Stephen Sommers. The story follows the legendary monster hunter, Van Helsing, as he is sent on a mission to Transylvania. There, he must battle against Count Dracula and his army of creatures to protect a young woman and prevent the resurrection of an ancient evil. Along the way, Van Helsing encounters various iconic monsters from literature, including Frankenstein's monster and the Wolf Man. With thrilling action sequences and intense battles, Van Helsing must use his skills and weapons to save the day and vanquish the forces of darkness.


  • Gabriel Van Helsing is a monster hunter who is tasked with defeating Dracula and his minions to save humanity.
  • Kate Beckinsale's character in Van Helsing is Anna Valerious, who assists the protagonist in his mission to defeat Count Dracula and save her family from a curse.
  • Richard Roxburgh's character in Van Helsing is a vampire named Count Vladislaus Dracula, who serves as the main antagonist in the plot.

Ending Explained

In the conclusion of Van Helsing, the protagonist battles Dracula and his vampire brides in a climactic showdown. With the help of Anna Valerious, Van Helsing manages to defeat Dracula, but not before the curse that has plagued him is lifted, revealing his true identity as Gabriel Van Helsing. As the sun rises, Van Helsing sacrifices himself to save Anna, transforming into a werewolf and leaping onto Dracula's impaling device, killing them both. The curse is finally broken, and Anna mourns Van Helsing's sacrifice. She and her brother, Velkan, are freed from their family's curse, and they find peace. The movie ends with Van Helsing's tombstone, honoring his heroic sacrifice.

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