Vamp | 1986

Directed by: Richard Wenk

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Main Plot

Vamp, directed by Richard Wenk, is a horror-comedy film that follows a group of college students who venture into an underground strip club in search of a stripper for their fraternity party. However, they soon discover that the establishment is run by a group of vampires who have other plans for them. As the night progresses, the students must fight for their lives and find a way to escape the clutches of these bloodthirsty creatures before it's too late.


  • Chris Makepeace plays the character of a college student who befriends a vampire and helps him navigate the modern world while also dealing with their own personal struggles.
  • Sandy Baron played the role of a vampire hunter named Renfield in the movie. He helps the protagonist in their quest to defeat the vampires.
  • The character played by Robert Rusler in Vamp is a college student named Keith. He joins a group of friends on a quest to find a stripper for a fraternity party.


In the ending of "Vamp," directed by Richard Wenkin, the protagonist, a vampire named Vlad, faces a moral dilemma. He must choose between his newfound love interest, a human named Sarah, and his vampire family. As the conflict escalates, Vlad's loyalty is tested, and he ultimately decides to defy his vampire nature and save Sarah from his family's clutches. In a climactic showdown, Vlad confronts his vampire brethren, displaying his newfound strength and determination. With the help of Sarah, Vlad manages to defeat his family, but not without sacrifices. In the aftermath, Vlad and Sarah escape together, leaving behind their past lives and embarking on a new journey, free from the vampire world's constraints.

Richard Wenk