Vacancy | 2007

Directed by: Nimród Antal

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Main Plot

A couple checks into a secluded motel for the night, only to discover that the room is rigged with hidden cameras. As they realize they are being watched, they must find a way to escape before becoming the next victims of a sadistic game.


  • Kate Beckinsale's character in Vacancy is Amy Fox, a woman who becomes trapped in a motel room with her husband.
  • Luke Wilson's character in Vacancy is David Fox, who along with his wife, becomes trapped in a motel room with hidden cameras.
  • Frank Whaley's character in Vacancy is David Fox, a motel manager who secretly films guests' murders for profit.


In the ending of "Vacancy," the protagonists, David and Amy, manage to escape the murderous motel owners after a harrowing night. They find refuge in a police station, where they discover that the motel's sinister activities have been going on for years. The film concludes with David and Amy driving away, haunted by their traumatic experience, but relieved to have survived.

Nimród Antal