Turkish Ice-Cream | 2019

Directed by: Can Ulkay

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Main Plot

The two Turks went to Australia. They provide their livelihood by selling ice-cream with a wheelbarrow and camel show in festivals. In 1915 they learned that there was a war in the country. They decide to go to Çanakkale. However,...


  • Ali Atay plays Mehmet, a mischievous ice cream vendor who uses his tricks to entertain and deceive customers.
  • Erkan Kolçak Köstendil plays the character of Ayhan in Turkish Ice-Cream, a mischievous ice cream seller who creates funny tricks.
  • Sebnem Bozoklu played the character of Zeynep in Turkish Ice-Cream, a romantic comedy film released in 2019.


In the ending of Turkish Ice-Cream, the ice cream vendor finally manages to outsmart the mischievous child who keeps trying to get his ice cream. With a clever twist, the vendor successfully hands over the ice cream to the child's surprise, leaving him astonished. The film concludes on a humorous note, highlighting the vendor's wit and skill in his craft.

Can Ulkay