True Grit | 2010

Directed by: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

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Main Plot

True Grit follows a determined young girl named Mattie Ross who seeks justice for her father's murder. She hires a tough U.S. Marshal named Rooster Cogburn to help track down the killer, Tom Chaney. Alongside a Texas Ranger named LaBoeuf, they embark on a perilous journey through the Wild West. As they face various challenges and dangers, Mattie's unwavering determination and Rooster's grit are put to the test. Together, they must confront their own demons and overcome obstacles to bring justice to those responsible for the crime.


  • Jeff Bridges played the character Rooster Cogburn, a tough and grizzled U.S. Marshal hired by a young girl to track down her father's murderer in True Grit. Jeff Bridges
  • Matt Damon's character in True Grit is LaBoeuf, a Texas Ranger who joins forces with the protagonist to track down a dangerous outlaw. Matt Damon
  • Hailee Steinfeld played Mattie Ross, a determined young girl seeking justice for her father's murder and hiring a tough U.S. Marshal to help her track down the killer. Hailee Steinfeld

Ending Explained

In the conclusion of True Grit, Mattie Ross, a determined young girl, seeks revenge for her father's murder with the help of the tough and grizzled Marshal Rooster Cogburn and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf. They track down the outlaw Tom Chaney and engage in a tense shootout, resulting in Chaney's death. However, Mattie is injured during the confrontation. Years later, Mattie, now an adult with a prosthetic arm, visits Rooster, who has become a successful businessman. She expresses her gratitude for his help and reminisces about their past adventures. The film ends with Mattie leaving, and Rooster watching her depart, reflecting on their shared experiences and the price they paid for justice.

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