Trucker | 2008

Directed by: James Mottern

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Main Plot

A tough and independent truck driver named Diane struggles to balance her demanding job with her responsibilities as a mother. When her estranged son suddenly reenters her life, Diane must confront her past and make difficult choices for the sake of their future.


  • Michelle Monaghan's character in the film "Trucker" is named Diane Ford, and she is a long-haul truck driver.
  • Nathan Fillion's character in the movie "Trucker" is Runner, a truck driver who forms a bond with a young boy.
  • Benjamin Bratt's character in the film "Trucker" is named Runner, and he plays a love interest for the main character.


In the ending of "Trucker," after reconciling with her estranged son, truck driver Diane makes a difficult decision to prioritize her own happiness. She chooses to leave her job and embark on a new journey, embracing her newfound freedom and independence. As she drives away, Diane reflects on the lessons she has learned about love, sacrifice, and self-discovery, ready to face the uncertainties of the road ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment.

James Mottern