Tower Heist | 2011

Directed by: Brett Ratner

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Main Plot

"Tower Heist" follows a group of hardworking employees at a luxurious high-rise building in New York City. When they discover that their pensions have been stolen by a wealthy businessman living in the penthouse, they team up with a skilled thief to plan an audacious heist and reclaim their money. As they navigate through various challenges and obstacles, the group must outsmart the cunning businessman and his powerful connections to execute their plan and seek justice.


  • Eddie Murphy's character in Tower Heist is named Slide. He is a street-smart thief who helps a group of workers plan a heist to recover their stolen pensions.
  • Josh Kovacs, a building manager, leads a group of employees in a heist to steal back their stolen pensions from a wealthy businessman.
  • Casey Affleck's character in Tower Heist is Charlie, a skilled and loyal member of a group of employees seeking revenge on their wealthy boss.


In the ending of Tower Heist, the team successfully executes their plan to steal back their stolen money from Arthur Shaw, a wealthy businessman. With the help of Slide, a seasoned thief, they infiltrate Shaw's penthouse during a Thanksgiving parade. However, they discover that Shaw has moved the money to a neighboring building. Determined to retrieve it, they improvise a daring scheme involving a zip line across the two buildings. Despite several obstacles, they manage to retrieve the money and expose Shaw's fraudulent activities to the police. In the end, justice is served as Shaw is arrested, and the team is rewarded for their bravery and resourcefulness.

Brett Ratner