Tow | 2022

Directed by: Vanessa Alexander

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Main Plot

"Tow" is a short film directed by Vanessa Alexander. The plot revolves around a tense encounter between a tow truck driver and a stranded motorist, leading to unexpected consequences.


  • Caitlin Gerard plays the character of Emma in the plot of "Tow," but her role in the story is not specified.
  • Kane Hodder played the character Victor Crowley in the movie "Hatchet," a deformed killer seeking revenge in the Louisiana swamp.
  • Abe Bueno-Jallad is a detective who investigates a series of mysterious disappearances in the town of Tow.


In the ending of "Tow," directed by Vanessa Alexander, the protagonist, a young woman named Emma, finds herself stranded in the desert after her car breaks down. As she waits for help, she reflects on her life and the choices she's made. Eventually, a tow truck arrives, driven by a kind stranger named Jack. Emma hesitates but ultimately decides to trust him and get in the truck. The film ends with Emma and Jack driving away together, leaving behind the desolate landscape and symbolizing a new beginning for Emma as she embraces the unknown.

Vanessa Alexander