Tooth Fairy | 2010

Directed by: Michael Lembeck

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Main Plot

A tough hockey player is sentenced to become the Tooth Fairy for two weeks as punishment for crushing a young girl's dreams. He must navigate the magical world and learn valuable lessons about responsibility and the power of belief.


  • Dwayne Johnson's character in Tooth Fairy is Derek Thompson, a hockey player turned tooth fairy who learns about responsibility.
  • Ashley Judd's character in Tooth Fairy is Carly Harris, the mother of the main character, Derek Thompson.
  • Julie Andrews' character in Tooth Fairy is Lily, the head Tooth Fairy who guides and mentors Dwayne Johnson's character.


In the ending of Tooth Fairy, after overcoming various challenges and learning valuable life lessons, the protagonist, a hockey player turned tooth fairy, successfully completes his final assignment and earns his wings. He reconciles with his girlfriend and her daughter, proving his growth and commitment. The film concludes with a heartwarming scene where the protagonist, now a full-fledged tooth fairy, spreads magic and joy to children around the world, embracing his new role with enthusiasm and a newfound appreciation for the power of dreams and imagination.

Michael Lembeck