Tony Takitani | 2004

Directed by: Jun Ichikawa

Tony Takitani Poster

Main Plot

"Tony Takitani" follows the life of a solitary man named Tony, who finds solace in his work as a technical illustrator. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with a woman who brings both happiness and heartbreak into his world.


  • Issei Ogata portrays Tony Takitani, the main character in the film. Tony is a solitary man who falls in love. Issei Ogata
  • Eiko Konuma is the character played by Rie Miyazawa in the film Tony Takitani. She is Tony's love interest. Rie Miyazawa
  • Shinohara Takahumi plays the character Tony Takitani, who is the protagonist of the story and a solitary man. Shinohara Takahumi

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Tony Takitani," Tony's wife, Eiko, tragically passes away, leaving him devastated and alone. Overwhelmed by grief and loneliness, Tony decides to fill his empty life by buying numerous designer clothes, hoping they will provide some solace. However, he soon realizes that material possessions cannot replace human connection. Eventually, Tony decides to let go of his possessions and embrace a simpler life. The film concludes with Tony reflecting on his past and finding solace in memories, accepting that true happiness lies in cherishing the moments he shared with Eiko.

Thumbs Down
Jun Ichikawa Issei Ogata Rie Miyazawa Shinohara Takahumi