To Kako Stin Epohi Ton Iroon | 2009

Directed by: Yorgos Noussias

To Kako Stin Epohi Ton Iroon Poster

Main Plot

To Kako - Stin Epohi Ton Iroon is a Greek horror film directed by Yorgos Noussias. It follows a group of friends who embark on a trip to an isolated village, only to encounter a terrifying evil force that threatens their lives.


  • Andreas Kontopoulos plays the character of Nikos, who is a detective investigating a series of mysterious murders in the film "To kako - Stin epohi ton iroon." Andreas Kontopoulos
  • Argiris Thanasoulas plays the character of Dimitris, a brave soldier fighting against evil forces in the era of heroes. Argiris Thanasoulas
  • Meletis Georgiadis is a character in the movie "To kako - Stin epohi ton iroon" but his role in the plot is not specified. Meletis Georgiadis

Ending Explained

In the ending of "To kako - Stin epohi ton iroon," the group of survivors manages to escape from the infected city, finding temporary refuge in an abandoned military base. However, they soon realize that the infection has spread beyond their expectations. With their numbers dwindling and hope fading, they make a desperate decision to sacrifice themselves in order to save the few remaining uninfected individuals. In a final act of bravery, they detonate explosives, destroying the base and the infected hordes, but also sealing their own fate. The film concludes with a somber tone, highlighting the devastating consequences of the zombie outbreak.

Thumbs Down
Yorgos Noussias Andreas Kontopoulos Argiris Thanasoulas Meletis Georgiadis