Tnt Jackson | 1974

Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago

Tnt Jackson Poster

Main Plot

A young karate expert searches for her brother's killer in Hong Kong.


  • Jeannie Bell plays the character TNT Jackson, a karate expert seeking revenge against her brother's killers in the film. Jeannie Bell
  • Stan Shaw's character in TNT Jackson is Charlie, a karate instructor who helps the protagonist in her mission. Stan Shaw
  • Pat Anderson is the main character in TNT Jackson, a female martial artist seeking revenge for her brother's death. Pat Anderson

Ending Explained

In the ending of TNT Jackson, Diana, also known as TNT, successfully avenges her brother's death by taking down the ruthless drug lord, Sid, and his operation. With the help of her friends, she fights her way through dangerous encounters, using her martial arts skills to defeat her enemies. In the final confrontation, TNT confronts Sid, ultimately defeating him and putting an end to his criminal activities. With justice served, TNT is hailed as a hero, ensuring her brother's death is not in vain. The film concludes with TNT walking away, victorious and ready for her next adventure.

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Cirio H. Santiago Jeannie Bell Stan Shaw Pat Anderson