Titanic | 1997

Directed by: James Cameron

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Main Plot

Titanic follows the ill-fated voyage of the RMS Titanic, a luxurious ocean liner that tragically sinks after hitting an iceberg. The story centers on the romance between a young couple from different social classes, who meet and fall in love aboard the ship. As chaos ensues during the sinking, the couple must fight to survive and escape the doomed vessel. The film interweaves the present-day story of a treasure hunter searching for a valuable necklace lost in the shipwreck, adding a modern perspective to the historical tragedy. Titanic explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the class divide, culminating in a heartbreaking and unforgettable conclusion.


  • Jack Dawson, a penniless artist who wins a ticket aboard the Titanic in a poker game. He falls in love with Rose DeWitt Bukater and helps her escape her oppressive life.
  • Rose DeWitt Bukater, a wealthy young woman who falls in love with Jack Dawson, a poor artist, aboard the Titanic. She defies her family's wishes and chooses love over societal expectations.
  • Billy Zane plays the character Cal Hockley in Titanic. He is Rose's wealthy and controlling fiancĂ© who becomes increasingly jealous and possessive throughout the film.


The ending of Titanic shows the ship sinking into the ocean after hitting an iceberg, leading to chaos and panic among passengers and crew. The main characters, Jack and Rose, struggle to survive as the ship goes down. Ultimately, Jack sacrifices himself to save Rose, who is rescued by a lifeboat. The Titanic sinks completely, leaving many people in the freezing water. In the aftermath, Rose is devastated by Jack's death but eventually finds the strength to move on and live a fulfilling life. The film ends with an elderly Rose throwing a precious necklace into the ocean, symbolizing her letting go of the past and honoring Jack's memory. The story of the Titanic and the love between Jack and Rose become a timeless legend.

James Cameron Drama Romance Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet Billy Zane