Thirst | 2009

Directed by: Park Chan-wook

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Main Plot

Thirst follows the story of a Catholic priest who volunteers for a medical experiment, resulting in him becoming a vampire. Struggling with his newfound desires, he meets a woman who awakens his lustful cravings. As their passionate affair unfolds, he is torn between his religious beliefs and his insatiable thirst for blood. As the priest's desires become increasingly uncontrollable, he faces a series of moral dilemmas and must confront the consequences of his actions. The film explores themes of desire, guilt, and the conflict between spirituality and primal instincts.


  • Song Kang-ho plays the character of a Catholic priest who becomes a vampire after a failed medical experiment in the plot of Thirst.
  • Kim Ok-bin's character in "Thirst" is Tae-ju, a young woman who becomes entangled in a passionate and dangerous affair with a Catholic priest.
  • Hee-jin Choi is a young woman who becomes involved in a complicated love triangle with a Catholic priest and a vampire, leading to tragic consequences.


In the ending of "Thirst," directed by Park Chan-wook, the vampire priest, Sang-hyun, sacrifices himself to save Tae-ju, the woman he loves. After discovering Tae-ju's affair with her childhood friend, Kang-woo, Sang-hyun is consumed by guilt and decides to end their relationship. However, Tae-ju, driven by her desire for immortality, murders Kang-woo and frames Sang-hyun for the crime. Realizing her wickedness, Tae-ju confesses her sins to Sang-hyun and begs for forgiveness. In a final act of redemption, Sang-hyun drinks Tae-ju's poisoned blood, sacrificing himself to save her. As he dies, Sang-hyun hallucinates a joyful reunion with his deceased friend, embracing the release from his eternal thirst. The film concludes with

Park Chan-wook Drama Fantasy Horror Song Kang-ho Kim Ok-bin Hee-jin Choi