There's Something Wrong with the Children | 2023

Directed by: Roxanne Benjamin

There's Something Wrong with the Children Poster

Main Plot

"There's Something Wrong with the Children" follows a group of friends who gather for a weekend getaway in a remote cabin. However, their peaceful retreat takes a dark turn when they discover that the local children have mysteriously transformed into malevolent beings. As the group fights to survive and escape the terrifying situation, they must uncover the cause of the children's transformation and find a way to stop it before it spreads beyond the isolated community."


  • Alisha Wainwright's character in "There's Something Wrong with the Children" is Dr. Emily Williams, a renowned child psychologist investigating mysterious behavior changes in a group of children.
  • Amanda Crew's character in "There's Something Wrong with the Children" is Sarah, a mother who becomes increasingly concerned about her daughter's strange behavior.
  • Carlos Santos is a detective who investigates the mysterious occurrences surrounding the children in the story, uncovering dark secrets and trying to save them.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "There's Something Wrong with the Children," the truth behind the strange behavior of the children is revealed. It is discovered that a mysterious virus has infected the children, causing them to become violent and uncontrollable. The virus is transmitted through touch, and the only way to stop it from spreading is by killing the infected children. The parents and other adults are faced with a difficult decision: to protect themselves and the uninfected children, they must kill their own infected offspring. The film ends with a haunting scene of parents reluctantly carrying out this horrifying task. The conclusion leaves the audience with a sense of despair and moral ambiguity, questioning the lengths one would go to in order to survive.

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Roxanne Benjamin Alisha Wainwright Amanda Crew Carlos Santos