The Zoot Cat | 1944

Directed by: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna

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Main Plot

"Square" Tom becomes the coolest cat of all when he puts on homemade green and orange zoot suit,


  • Sara Berner voices the character of the maid in the plot of The Zoot Cat.
  • Billy Bletcher voiced the character of Butch, who is a rival cat competing for the attention of Miss Kitty.
  • Tom Cat, the main character, tries to woo a female cat, but his rival, a bulldog named Butch, gets in the way.


In the ending of "The Zoot Cat," Tom's attempts to impress his love interest, Toodles, by dressing up in a zoot suit go awry. He gets tangled up in the suit and causes chaos in the house, leading to a disastrous encounter with Jerry. Toodles witnesses the chaos and is unimpressed. In the end, Tom ends up humiliated and Toodles walks away, leaving him alone with his failed attempts.

Joseph Barbera, William Hanna