The Thirteenth Floor | 1999

Directed by: Josef Rusnak

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Main Plot

The Thirteenth Floor is a sci-fi thriller about a man who discovers a virtual reality world that mirrors his own reality. As he delves deeper into the simulation, he uncovers a shocking truth that could change everything he knows about his existence.


  • Craig Bierko's character in The Thirteenth Floor is Douglas Hall, a computer scientist investigating a murder mystery within a virtual reality simulation.
  • Gretchen Mol's character in The Thirteenth Floor is Jane Fuller, who is a key figure in the virtual reality world.
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl's character in The Thirteenth Floor is Hannon Fuller, the creator of the virtual reality simulation.


In the conclusion of The Thirteenth Floor, it is revealed that the entire story is a simulation within a simulation. The main character, Douglas Hall, discovers that he is actually a computer program created by his creator, Hannon Fuller. Douglas finds out that Fuller's consciousness has been uploaded into the virtual world, and he is trying to escape the simulation. With the help of Jane, Douglas manages to transfer his own consciousness into the real world, leaving the virtual reality behind. The film ends with Douglas and Jane driving away, leaving the virtual world behind them.

Josef Rusnak