The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | 1974

Directed by: Tobe Hooper

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Main Plot

A group of friends on a road trip stumble upon a horrifying family living in a secluded farmhouse. As they become victims of their sadistic acts, they must fight to survive and escape the clutches of a chainsaw-wielding maniac.


  • Marilyn Burns played the character of Sally Hardesty, who is the sole survivor pursued by Leatherface in the film.
  • Edwin Neal played the character of "The Hitchhiker" in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He is a member of the cannibalistic family who terrorizes the victims.
  • Allen Danziger is not a character in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


In the chilling conclusion of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Sally manages to escape the clutches of Leatherface and his sadistic family. Fleeing through the night, she stumbles upon a passing trucker who rescues her. As they drive away, Leatherface, enraged and swinging his chainsaw, is left behind in the darkness. Sally's harrowing ordeal comes to an end, but the haunting memory of the horrors she witnessed will forever haunt her.

Tobe Hooper