The Tao Of Steve | 2000

Directed by: Jenniphr Goodman

The Tao Of Steve Poster

Main Plot

Dex, a charming and overweight kindergarten teacher, follows his three "rules" to effortlessly seduce women. However, when he meets Syd, a strong-willed woman, he must confront his own flaws and reevaluate his approach to relationships.


  • Donal Logue's character is named Dex and he plays the role of a lovable slacker who uses Taoist philosophy to attract women.
  • Ayelet Kaznelson is a love interest of the main character, Dex, in the film "The Tao of Steve."
  • Dex, played by John Hines, is the main character in The Tao of Steve, a charming and womanizing slacker.

Ending Explained

In the ending of The Tao of Steve, Dex realizes his flaws and decides to change his ways. He apologizes to Syd for his past behavior and confesses his love for her. They reconcile and begin a romantic relationship. Dex also reconnects with his estranged father and finds closure in their relationship. With a newfound sense of purpose, Dex starts teaching philosophy to children and becomes a more responsible and mature individual, embracing the principles of the Tao of Steve. The film concludes with Dex and Syd happily together, suggesting a positive future for their relationship.

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Jenniphr Goodman Donal Logue Ayelet Kaznelson John Hines