The Super Mario Bros. Movie | 2023

Directed by: Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Pierre Leduc

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Main Plot

The Super Mario Bros. Movie follows the iconic video game characters, Mario and Luigi, as they embark on a thrilling adventure in a parallel universe. Tasked with rescuing Princess Peach from the clutches of the villainous King Koopa, the brothers must navigate through treacherous obstacles and encounter strange creatures. Along the way, they discover the power of teamwork and friendship as they strive to save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction. With action-packed sequences and a touch of humor, the movie brings the beloved video game franchise to life on the big screen.


  • Chris Pratt plays the character of Mario, who is a plumber and the main protagonist in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
  • Anya Taylor-Joy's character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie is Princess Peach, a beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom who gets kidnapped by the villainous Bowser.
  • Charlie Day's character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie is Luigi, Mario's younger brother and partner in their adventures to rescue Princess Peach from the villainous Bowser.


In the ending of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Mario and Luigi successfully defeat King Koopa and save Princess Peach from his clutches. With the help of their friends, they restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom and bring peace back to the land. The brothers return to their normal lives as plumbers, but they continue to cherish the memories of their heroic adventure. They are hailed as heroes by the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and are celebrated for their bravery. As the movie concludes, Mario and Luigi reflect on their journey, grateful for the friendships they made and the lessons they learned along the way.

Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Pierre Leduc Animation Adventure Comedy Chris Pratt Anya Taylor-Joy Charlie Day