The Strangers | 2008

Directed by: Bryan Bertino

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Main Plot

A couple's romantic getaway is interrupted when three masked strangers arrive at their secluded vacation home, terrorizing them throughout the night.


  • Scott Speedman's character in The Strangers is named James Hoyt, who is targeted by a group of masked strangers.
  • Liv Tyler's character in The Strangers is named Kristen McKay. She plays a woman who is terrorized by masked strangers.
  • Gemma Ward's character in The Strangers is named Dollface, and she is one of the masked intruders terrorizing a couple.


In the ending of The Strangers, the masked intruders successfully terrorize and torment a couple in their secluded home. Despite their desperate attempts to survive, the couple ultimately falls victim to the sadistic strangers. The film concludes with the strangers leaving the house, leaving behind a trail of destruction and a chilling sense of uncertainty. The haunting realization that such random acts of violence can occur without reason lingers, leaving the audience with a sense of unease and fear.

Bryan Bertino