The Seventh Seal | 1957

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman

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Main Plot

A knight returns from the Crusades to a plague-ridden land. He encounters Death and challenges him to a game of chess, hoping to buy time to find answers about life, faith, and the existence of God before his own demise.


  • Antonius Block, a knight returning from the Crusades, plays a game of chess with Death while reflecting on life.
  • Gunnar Björnstrand plays Jöns, a squire and loyal companion to the knight protagonist in The Seventh Seal.
  • Bengt Ekerot portrayed Death, who plays a pivotal role in challenging the protagonist's quest for meaning and understanding.


In the conclusion of "The Seventh Seal," the knight, Antonius Block, plays a game of chess with Death. As the game progresses, Block's companions escape from their tormentors, and the knight's wife joins a group of dancers. Eventually, Block accepts his fate and sacrifices himself to save a family from the plague. As he dies, the dance of death continues, symbolizing the inevitability of mortality. The film ends with Block and his companions walking towards the horizon, representing the journey towards an uncertain afterlife, while Death silently observes their departure.

Ingmar Bergman