The Score | 2001

Directed by: Frank Oz

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Main Plot

A seasoned thief is persuaded to come out of retirement for one last heist by his longtime partner. The job involves stealing a valuable scepter from a safe in a Montreal customs house. Assembling a team of skilled criminals, they meticulously plan the robbery, but unexpected obstacles and betrayals threaten to derail their carefully laid out scheme. With tensions running high and trust wearing thin, the group must navigate through a series of twists and turns to pull off the heist and secure their payday.


  • Nick Wells is a professional thief who is persuaded to do one last heist by his longtime partner and mentor, Max. The heist involves stealing a priceless scepter from the Montreal Customs House. Robert De Niro
  • Edward Norton plays the character of Jack Teller, a young and ambitious thief who teams up with an experienced criminal to pull off a high-stakes heist. Edward Norton
  • Marlon Brando played Max in The Score. Max is a wealthy criminal mastermind who convinces a retired thief to pull off one last heist in exchange for a big payday. Marlon Brando

Ending Explained

In the ending of "The Score," Nick and Jack successfully pull off the heist, stealing the scepter from the Montreal Customs House. However, Nick discovers that Jack had betrayed him and planned to keep the valuable piece for himself. In a tense confrontation, Nick outsmarts Jack and retrieves the scepter, ultimately turning it over to his employer. Despite the betrayal, Nick manages to walk away with a significant amount of money and successfully retires from his life of crime. The film ends with Nick enjoying his newfound wealth and freedom, while Jack is left empty-handed and defeated.

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Frank Oz Action Crime Drama Robert De Niro Edward Norton Marlon Brando