The Scheme | 2020

Directed by: Pat Kondelis

The Scheme Poster

Main Plot

The true story of basketball insider Christian Dawkins, who hustled the FBI in a scandal that threatened to take down the NCAA.


  • Christian Dawkins is a central figure in the plot of The Scheme as he is a key player in the college basketball corruption scandal.
  • Sean Miller is a key informant who helps the FBI in their investigation of corruption in college basketball.
  • Will Wade is a central character in the plot of The Scheme, with his actions shaping the events of the story.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "The Scheme," everything unravels as the protagonist's intricate plan comes to light. Betrayals and unexpected alliances reveal themselves, leading to a climactic showdown. As the truth is exposed, the protagonist's ultimate motive is revealed, leaving the audience shocked. The film ends with a twist, leaving the viewers questioning their own perception of right and wrong, and pondering the consequences of their actions.

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Pat Kondelis Christian Dawkins Sean Miller Will Wade