The Rock | 1996

Directed by: Michael Bay

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Main Plot

A former prisoner and a chemical weapons specialist are forced to team up to prevent a group of rogue military officers from launching a deadly attack on San Francisco using stolen missiles and holding the city hostage.


  • Sean Connery's character in The Rock is a former British intelligence officer named John Patrick Mason. He helps the protagonist in a high-stakes mission.
  • Stanley Goodspeed, a chemical weapons specialist, is recruited to help disarm a group of rogue soldiers holding hostages.
  • Ed Harris plays General Francis X. Hummel, a rogue military officer who takes over Alcatraz Island and threatens San Francisco.


In the ending of The Rock, after a thrilling battle on Alcatraz Island, the threat of a deadly chemical weapon is neutralized. The protagonist, along with a former prisoner, successfully save San Francisco from destruction. However, the antagonist escapes and attempts to launch a missile, but is ultimately killed. The remaining heroes survive and return to their normal lives, while the memory of their heroic actions lives on.

Michael Bay