The Reptile | 1966

Directed by: John Gilling

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Main Plot

In a Cornish village, various locals die from mysterious snake bites, but the coroner rules the deaths as heart attacks, until a family of newcomers starts an investigation.


  • Noel Willman plays Dr. Franklyn in The Reptile, a sinister character involved in a deadly reptilian curse.
  • Jennifer Daniel's character is the wife of the film's protagonist and becomes targeted by the mysterious reptile creature.
  • Ray Barrett plays the role of Charles Spalding, an investigator who helps uncover the truth behind the mysterious reptile attacks.


In the ending of "The Reptile," directed by John Gilling, the villainous Dr. Franklyn is revealed to be the one responsible for transforming innocent villagers into deadly reptilian creatures. As he attempts to escape, he is confronted by Harry, who manages to kill him. The curse is broken, and the surviving villagers are freed from their reptile forms. The film concludes with Harry and Valerie, the female lead, embracing each other, relieved that the nightmare is finally over.

John Gilling