The Reckoning | 2003

Directed by: Paul McGuigan

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Main Plot

The Reckoning is a historical horror film directed by Paul McGuigan. Set during the Great Plague, a young woman accused of witchcraft fights to clear her name and survive the brutal witch-hunting trials.


  • Willem Dafoe plays Father Urbain Grandier, a priest who is accused of witchcraft during the time of the Great Plague.
  • Paul Bettany's character in The Reckoning is a widowed farmer who becomes involved in a witchcraft trial.
  • Mari├ín Aguilera plays a character who is involved in the plot as a key witness or a potential suspect.


In the ending of "The Reckoning," directed by Paul McGuigan, after a series of intense events, the truth is finally revealed, exposing the real culprits behind the crimes. Justice is served as the main character confronts and overcomes her adversaries, finding closure and redemption. The film concludes with a sense of resolution, as the protagonist's resilience and determination prevail, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Paul McGuigan