The Poll Diaries | 2010

Directed by: Chris Kraus

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Main Plot

In the summer of 1914, thirteen-year-old Oda von Siering (Paula Beer) leaves Berlin to join her family and an assortment of German and Russian aristocrats on an estate in Estonia. The von Siering family home is a character in its ...


  • Paula Beer's character in The Poll Diaries plays a young girl who keeps a diary during World War I.
  • Edgar Selge plays the role of a Nazi officer who becomes involved in the plot of The Poll Diaries.
  • Tambet Tuisk plays the role of a journalist who investigates the murder of a young girl in The Poll Diaries.


In the ending of The Poll Diaries, set during World War I, Oda, a young girl, witnesses the death of her father and confronts the harsh realities of war. She starts keeping a diary, documenting her experiences and emotions. As the war ends, Oda's mother dies, leaving her alone. Oda eventually finds solace in nature and begins a new life, symbolizing resilience and hope amidst the devastation of war.

Chris Kraus