The Parent Trap | 1998

Directed by: Nancy Meyers

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Main Plot

"The Parent Trap" follows the story of two identical twin sisters, Annie and Hallie, who were separated at birth when their parents divorced. By a twist of fate, they meet at a summer camp and decide to switch places in order to reunite their parents. As they navigate their new lives, they discover the truth about their parents' separation and work together to bring them back together. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and comedic situations, ultimately leading to a heartwarming and unexpected outcome. Directed by Nancy Meyers, the film explores themes of family, love, and the power of connection.


  • Lindsay Lohan played the characters of Hallie Parker and Annie James in The Parent Trap. They are identical twins who meet at summer camp and scheme to reunite their divorced parents.
  • Dennis Quaid's character in The Parent Trap is Nick Parker, a divorced father who unknowingly reunites his twin daughters at a summer camp.
  • Natasha Richardson played Elizabeth James, a divorced mother of twin girls who are separated at birth and reunite at a summer camp, leading to a plan to bring their parents back together.


In the ending of The Parent Trap, Annie and Hallie successfully switch places and reunite their parents, Elizabeth and Nick. The family spends a joyful summer together at a ranch in California, where Elizabeth and Nick rekindle their love. However, when the girls' secret is revealed, Elizabeth and Nick are initially furious. Realizing their daughters' love for them and their determination, they decide to give their relationship another chance. The film concludes with Elizabeth and Nick remarrying in a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by their friends and loved ones. Annie and Hallie, now united as sisters, happily watch their parents exchange vows. The Parent Trap ends on a heartwarming note, celebrating the power of love and family.

Nancy Meyers Adventure Comedy Drama