The Midnight Man | 2016

Directed by: Travis Zariwny

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Main Plot

A girl and her friends find a game in the attic that summons a creature known as The Midnight Man, who uses their worst fears against them.


  • The character played by Summer H. Howell is Alex Luster, a young girl who accidentally releases an evil entity.
  • The character played by Keenan Lehmann in the movie is Alex, a friend of the main character.
  • Meredith Rose plays Sarah in The Midnight Man. Sarah is a close friend of the main character.


In the ending of The Midnight Man, Alex and her friends successfully complete the game, but they soon realize that they have unknowingly unleashed a malevolent spirit. As they desperately try to survive the night, they discover that the only way to defeat the Midnight Man is to trap him back in the game. With quick thinking and teamwork, they manage to outsmart the Midnight Man and save themselves. However, the last scene hints at the possibility of the game's curse continuing, leaving the audience on a chilling note.

Travis Zariwny