The Mexican | 2001

Directed by: Gore Verbinski

The Mexican Poster

Main Plot

A man tries to transport an ancient gun called The Mexican, believed to carry a curse, back across the border, while his girlfriend pressures him to give up his criminal ways.


  • Brad Pitt's character, Jerry Welbach, is tasked with retrieving an antique pistol called "The Mexican" for a criminal organization.
  • Julia Roberts' character is a woman who becomes a pawn in a dangerous plot to retrieve a valuable antique gun.
  • James Gandolfini's character plays a hitman tasked with rescuing Julia Roberts' character's kidnapped boyfriend in The Mexican.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "The Mexican," directed by Gore Verbinski, Jerry and Samantha finally reunite after a series of misadventures. Jerry successfully retrieves the antique gun, the Mexican, but is captured by mobsters. Samantha arrives and negotiates his release, and they escape together. However, they decide to part ways due to their tumultuous relationship. Jerry heads to Las Vegas, while Samantha heads to New York. They exchange a final goodbye, leaving their future uncertain.

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