The Marsh King's Daughter | 2023

Directed by: Neil Burger

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Main Plot

A woman seeks revenge against the man who kidnapped her mother.


  • Daisy Ridley's character in The Marsh King's Daughter is Helena, a woman whose father was once a notorious kidnapper.
  • Ben Mendelsohn's character in The Marsh King's Daughter is Jacob Holbrook, who is the father of the main character.
  • Brooklynn Prince plays Helena Pelletier, the daughter of a notorious kidnapper who must confront her dark past.


In the ending of "The Marsh King's Daughter," Helena successfully confronts her father, the dangerous Marsh King, in the remote marshlands. With her survival skills and determination, she outwits him and ensures his capture by the authorities. After the intense ordeal, Helena is finally free from her traumatic past and can begin to rebuild her life. The film concludes with Helena embracing her new identity and finding solace in her family, while also finding closure and peace within herself.

Neil Burger