The Man with One Red Shoe | 1985

Directed by: Stan Dragoti

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Main Plot

A man becomes entangled in a web of espionage when he is mistaken for a spy by two rival intelligence agencies. As both sides try to figure out if he is a threat or a decoy, he finds himself caught in a comedic and thrilling game of cat and mouse.


  • Tom Hanks plays Richard, a man mistaken for a spy due to his red shoe, leading to comedic situations.
  • Lori Singer's character in The Man with One Red Shoe is Maddy, a violinist who becomes involved in a spy plot.
  • Dabney Coleman's character in The Man with One Red Shoe is a CIA deputy director who orchestrates a comedic spy game.


In "The Man with One Red Shoe," after a series of mistaken identities and comedic situations, Richard, a violinist, unknowingly becomes the target of CIA agents. He ultimately outsmarts them and wins the heart of Maddy, an undercover agent. In the end, Richard performs a successful concert, and Maddy reveals her true identity to him. They share a passionate kiss, hinting at a potential romantic future. The film concludes with Richard walking away, leaving the audience to wonder what adventures lie ahead for him and Maddy.

Stan Dragoti