The Magic of Ordinary Days | 2005

Directed by: Brent Shields

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Main Plot

Pregnant out of wedlock, an educated young woman is pressured by her father into an arranged marriage with a lonely farmer in this drama set during WWII.


  • Keri Russell's character, Livy, is a pregnant woman who enters into a marriage of convenience during World War II.
  • Skeet Ulrich's character plays a significant role as the romantic love interest in The Magic of Ordinary Days.
  • Mare Winningham's character plays the role of a supportive and understanding mother figure in The Magic of Ordinary Days.


In the ending of The Magic of Ordinary Days, Livy gives birth to a baby girl, while Ray helps her through the process. Livy's sister and brother-in-law arrive to support her. After the birth, Ray reveals his love for Livy, and they decide to stay together and raise the baby as a family. Livy's father finally accepts her choices and welcomes her back home. The movie ends on a hopeful note as Livy, Ray, and their daughter start a new chapter in their lives.

Brent Shields