The Lego Movie | 2014

Directed by: Phil Lord , Christopher Miller

The Lego Movie Poster

Main Plot

The Lego Movie follows an ordinary Lego construction worker named Emmet who is mistakenly believed to be the "Special," a prophesied hero who can save the Lego universe from the evil Lord Business. Alongside a group of Master Builders, Emmet embarks on a journey to stop Lord Business from using a powerful weapon to freeze the Lego world in place. Throughout their adventure, they encounter various Lego characters and settings, facing challenges and obstacles that test their creativity and teamwork. Ultimately, Emmet learns the importance of believing in himself and thinking outside the instructions to save the Lego world from destruction.


  • Emmet Brickowski is the main character in The Lego Movie. He is a construction worker who is mistakenly believed to be the "Special" and embarks on a quest to save the world.
  • Emmet Brickowski, a construction worker who becomes the unlikely hero of the story after discovering he is the Special, destined to save the Lego universe from Lord Business.
  • Wyldstyle is a master builder who teams up with Emmet to stop Lord Business from using the Kragle to freeze the Lego world in place.

Ending Explained

The Lego Movie ends with the revelation that the entire story has been playing out in the imagination of a young boy named Finn, who is playing with his father's Lego sets. Finn's father, "The Man Upstairs," wants to glue all the Lego pieces together, but Finn convinces him to let him continue playing with them. The movie concludes with Emmet and Wyldstyle addressing the real-life father-son relationship, emphasizing the importance of creativity and imagination. Finn and his father bond over their shared love of Lego, and the Lego characters celebrate their freedom to continue their adventures.

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