The Hunt | 2012

Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg

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Main Plot

In a small Danish town, a group of friends participate in a hunting trip. However, when one of them is falsely accused of a terrible crime involving a child, the community's trust and friendships are shattered. As rumors spread and paranoia takes hold, the accused man fights to prove his innocence and reclaim his life, while the town becomes engulfed in a frenzy of suspicion and hostility. The Hunt is a gripping drama that explores the devastating consequences of false accusations and the destructive power of collective hysteria.


  • Lucas is a teacher falsely accused of child abuse in The Hunt. He faces a relentless witch-hunt from his community, leading to devastating consequences.
  • Thomas Bo Larsen plays the character Lucas, a close friend of the protagonist who becomes entangled in a false accusation that disrupts his life and relationships.
  • Annika Wedderkopp plays Klara, a young girl who falsely accuses her teacher of sexual abuse, leading to devastating consequences for him and the community.

Ending Explained

In the gripping drama "The Hunt," directed by Thomas Vinterberg, the story reaches its tense climax as Lucas, a beloved kindergarten teacher, faces a community turned against him. Accused of child abuse by a young girl, Klara, Lucas finds himself ostracized and subjected to a vicious witch-hunt. Despite his unwavering claims of innocence, the town's collective hysteria intensifies, leading to devastating consequences for Lucas and those around him. However, as the truth gradually emerges, Klara's fabricated accusation is exposed, and Lucas is finally vindicated. The film concludes with a bittersweet realization that even after the truth is revealed, the damage inflicted by the false accusation remains, forever altering the lives of those involved.

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Thomas Vinterberg Mads Mikkelsen Thomas Bo Larsen Annika Wedderkopp