The Hot Spot | 1990

Directed by: Dennis Hopper

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Main Plot

The Hot Spot follows a drifter named Harry Madox who arrives in a small Texas town. He quickly lands a job at a used car dealership and becomes entangled in a web of deceit, lust, and crime. Harry soon finds himself caught between a seductive femme fatale named Gloria and a married woman named Dolly. As he becomes more involved with both women, Harry hatches a plan to execute a bank heist. However, his carefully laid out scheme takes unexpected turns as secrets are revealed and tensions rise. The plot thickens with each twist, leading to a suspenseful climax where Harry must face the consequences of his actions.


  • Don Johnson's character in The Hot Spot is named Harry Madox. He is a drifter who gets caught up in a web of deceit and crime in a small town.
  • Virginia Madsen's character in The Hot Spot is named Dolly Harshaw. She plays a seductive woman who becomes involved in a dangerous love triangle.
  • Jennifer Connelly's character in The Hot Spot is named Gloria Harper. She is a seductive woman who becomes involved in a dangerous love triangle with two men.


In the conclusion of "The Hot Spot," directed by Dennis Hopper, tensions reach their peak as a series of deceptions and betrayals come to light. Harry, a drifter who initially planned to rob a bank, finds himself entangled in a complex web of lust and deceit. He discovers that the seductive Gloria, with whom he had an affair, is actually plotting with her lover, Frank, to steal money from the bank. Harry manipulates the situation to his advantage, framing Frank for the bank robbery and ensuring Gloria's loyalty. However, he is ultimately double-crossed by Gloria, who takes the money and leaves town. Harry, realizing he has been played, sets out to track her down. The film ends with Harry driving away, determined to find Gloria and reclaim what is rightfully his, leaving the audience with a sense of unresolved tension and anticipation.

Dennis Hopper Crime Drama Romance Don Johnson Virginia Madsen Jennifer Connelly