The Hills Have Eyes | 2006

Directed by: Alexandre Aja

The Hills Have Eyes Poster

Main Plot

A family traveling through the desert takes a detour and becomes stranded in a remote area. Unbeknownst to them, the area is inhabited by a group of mutated cannibals who begin to prey on the family. As they fight for survival, the family must confront their worst fears and use their wits to outsmart their savage attackers.


  • Ted Levine's character in The Hills Have Eyes is a retired police officer who becomes a protective and resourceful father figure for his family in their fight for survival.
  • Kathleen Quinlan's character in The Hills Have Eyes is a mother who fights to protect her family from a group of mutant cannibals in the desert.
  • Bobby Carter, a young man who becomes a victim of a group of mutant cannibals while on a road trip with his family.

Ending Explained

In the ending of The Hills Have Eyes, the surviving family members, led by Doug, manage to kill most of the mutated cannibals that had been terrorizing them. They then discover that their baby daughter, who had been kidnapped earlier, is still alive and being held captive. With the help of a surviving cannibal, Doug rescues his daughter and kills the remaining cannibals. The family then sets out to find help and escape the desolate desert. As they drive away, they pass a sign indicating that the area is a nuclear testing site, suggesting that the mutations and cannibalism were a result of radiation exposure. The film concludes with the family driving towards civilization, leaving behind the horrors they endured in the hills.

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Alexandre Aja Ted Levine Kathleen Quinlan Dan Byrd