The Harry Hill Movie | 2013

Directed by: Steve Bendelack

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Main Plot

When he thinks his hamster Abu (Johnny Vegas) has just a week to live, Harry Hill (Harry Hill) and his Nan (Dame Julie Walters) take the hamster to Blackpool. However, Harry's twin Otto (Matt Lucas) wants to kidnap Abu, and sends ...


  • Harry Hill's character embarks on a quest to save his pet hamster, learning lessons and encountering hilarious adventures along the way.
  • Julie Walters plays Harry Hill's eccentric and supportive mother who helps him on his quest to save his pet hamster.
  • Johnny Vegas plays the role of Harry's long-lost twin brother in The Harry Hill Movie.


In the ending of The Harry Hill Movie, Harry and his friends successfully save the world from an evil veterinarian who plans to turn animals into food. They defeat him, rescue their kidnapped hamster, and return to their normal lives. Harry is awarded a knighthood and becomes a national hero, while his friends celebrate their victory. The movie concludes with everyone dancing and having a good time, showcasing a happy and triumphant ending.

Steve Bendelack