The Good Bad-Man | 1916

Directed by: Allan Dwan

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Main Plot

An outlaw calling himself Passin' Through halts his "evil" ways long enough to help out some children in difficulty.


  • Douglas Fairbanks plays a reformed outlaw who helps a group of settlers fight against a ruthless gang leader.
  • Sam De Grasse's character in The Good Bad-Man plays the role of a corrupt sheriff who opposes the protagonist.
  • Pomeroy Cannon is a supporting character who aids the protagonist in his quest for redemption and justice.


In the ending of "The Good Bad-Man," the protagonist reconsiders his life as an outlaw and decides to turn away from his criminal ways. He helps the townspeople by stopping a robbery and sacrificing himself to save a young girl. As he dies, he receives forgiveness and redemption from the community, leaving behind a legacy of a reformed man who was once a "good bad-man."

Allan Dwan