The Gift | 2015

Directed by: Joel Edgerton

The Gift Poster

Main Plot

A married couple's life takes an unexpected turn when a former acquaintance reenters their lives, bringing with him a series of mysterious and unsettling gifts that reveal dark secrets from the past.


  • Jason Bateman's character in The Gift is named Simon, and he plays a married man who becomes the target of a mysterious stalker.
  • Rebecca Hall's character in The Gift is named Robyn, and she plays the wife of the main character, Simon.
  • Joel Edgerton's character in The Gift is named Gordo, who plays a mysterious and unsettling role in the plot.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "The Gift," Simon's dark past is exposed, revealing his true nature to his wife, Robyn. Gordo, seeking revenge for a past incident, successfully manipulates Simon's life, causing him to lose everything he holds dear. Robyn, realizing the truth about her husband, leaves him and chooses to start afresh. Gordo's plan is ultimately fulfilled as he gains closure and satisfaction, while Simon is left to face the consequences of his actions. The film leaves the audience questioning the boundaries of forgiveness and the lasting impact of past mistakes.

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