The Fog | 1980

Directed by: John Carpenter

The Fog Poster

Main Plot

"The Fog" is a horror film directed by John Carpenter. The story revolves around a small coastal town that becomes enveloped in a mysterious fog, which brings with it vengeful spirits seeking revenge for a dark secret from the town's past. As the fog rolls in, the residents must uncover the truth behind the spirits' wrath and find a way to survive the night. With tension building and the fog closing in, the town's fate hangs in the balance as they battle the supernatural forces that threaten their very existence.


  • Adrienne Barbeau's character in The Fog is Stevie Wayne, a radio DJ who becomes the voice of warning and survival during a supernatural fog that brings vengeful spirits to a coastal town.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis plays Elizabeth Solley, a hitchhiker who becomes involved in the supernatural events caused by a mysterious fog that brings vengeful spirits to a coastal town.
  • Janet Leigh's character in The Fog is Elizabeth Solley, a radio station secretary who becomes entangled in the supernatural events surrounding a mysterious fog.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "The Fog," directed by John Carpenter, the town of Antonio Bay is engulfed in a supernatural fog that holds vengeful ghosts seeking revenge for a past crime. As the fog rolls in, the townspeople discover the horrifying truth behind their ancestors' dark secret. With the help of a local radio DJ, Stevie Wayne, and a group of survivors, they devise a plan to stop the ghosts. They gather at the local church, where they uncover a hidden journal revealing the ghosts' weakness. Armed with this knowledge, they manage to defeat the vengeful spirits by using a cross to destroy them. As the fog dissipates, the survivors are left to rebuild their lives, knowing they have finally put the ghosts to rest.

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